DMHL, Toronto's Premier Hockey League.  Where Hockey Begins.
DMHL, Toronto's Premier Hockey League.  Where Hockey Begins.
DMHL, Toronto's Premier Hockey League.  Where Hockey Begins.DMHL, Toronto's Premier Hockey League.  Where Hockey Begins.
DMHL, Toronto's Premier Hockey League.  Where Hockey Begins.
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Downtown Men's Hockey League
Welcome to the DMHL website, the Downtown Men's (and Women's) Hockey League. The premier recreational hockey league in Toronto and the GTA for those hockey starved male and female athletes out there looking for an organized league with plenty of options that lets them play their favourite game.
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D.M.H.L. News
  Thu, Mar 8, 2018
*********** SUMMER TEAM ENTRY 2018 *************
Teams are now being considered for the Summer 2018 weeknight hockey programs. Space is limited depending on caliber. Below lists the divisions and nights, including the arena's, which there is still space ....
Tuesday night Foresthill low B has room for 1 team.
Wednesday night Foresthill low to mid B has room for 1 team.
To register your team or for inquires please register online at WWW.DMHL.CA
  Wed, Jan 31, 2018
************* INDIVIDUAL MENS PLACEMENT ****************
Individual player entries are now being accepted for the summer program. We will try to place all individuals, based on caliber, on existing teams first. Then the remaining players have the option of joining teams that are made up of individual players. These all tend to be weaker teams and will be placed in my C divisions. And all C divisions are on Mon nights.
Cost per individual is $380 per player and that includes a jersey and that gives you 13 season games plus playoffs.
If you are interested and want more information, please contact RICK@DMHL.CA or signup on the website through the 'FIND A TEAM' tab. We will contact you as soon as we can to arrange your placement and to answer your questions.
Space is very limited due to the downtown area location, so signing up early will ensure your entry.
  Fri, Aug 18, 2017
**************** MENS WINTER HOCKEY PROGRAMS ************** Our Winter program consists of Weekend divisions that operate on a schedule rotation of Sat 3-11 and Sun 11am-6. The arenas include DeLaSalle, St.Mikes, UCC. We also have a Weeknight program that operate with certain calibre divisions on given nights. Tues DeLaSalle Mid B and Tues MLG high C. And finally 3 divisions...... Low B, Mid B and Low A, all on a Thurs/Fri schedule rotation out of UCC, St. Mikes, MLG and DeLaSalle arenas. Some Ricoh is thrown in there but very sparingly. Space for weeknight is very limited. Contact for more info.
  Tue, Apr 25, 2017
To all players, please make sure that you do not enter the ice surface until the zamboni doors are closed, or until you are waved on by the rink staff. Failing to do this will result in a warning and a 2 min penalty to start the game.
Also, once the game is finished and you have said your good byes to the other squad, leave the ice. Please do not hang around and do stretching or whatever. It's dangerous while the zamboni is out there doing it's thing.
  Thu, Aug 14, 2014
Ontario Judge Rules on Hockey Hit
A judge convicted a recreational hockey player of aggravated assault for a hit that happened on the ice. As Eric Sorensen from Global News reports, it's a rare - and tough - approach to what many Canadians think is just a natural part of the game. Click to view news video clip
  Sun, Jul 1, 2012
Added new Playoff Champs and pictures to the GALLERY. Check them out!

Available Ice at De La Salle
Ice time available 10-11pm Monday nights for the Fall / Winter season starting now until April 16, 2018.
Contact: Scott Barber,
416-969-8771 ext.277,

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